Remote Type equipment

Indoor/Outdoor Unit

Medium Temp :​ 3,100BTu to 14,000BTu (1 to 3 FANS)

Low Temp : 4,200BTu to 10,000BTu (2 to 3 FANS)

Features and Benefits

  • Easy installation. "Plug and Play" type.
  • ​Can be easily converted to outdoor application with optional outdoor kit (sold seperately).
  • No piping or refrigerant charging required.
  • ECM Motors for both condenser and evaporator
  • ​Anti corrosive / Hydrophilic coating on condenser and evaporator coils as a standard option.
  • ​Excellent customer service!

Remote Type Outdoor Unit : 
Medium Temperature : 3/4HP to 5HP
Low Temperature : 1HP to 5HP

Low Profile Unit Cooler : 
Air Defrost : 1 to 4 Fan Unit 
Electric Defrost : 1 to 4 Fan Unit

IQUBE PACKAGED Type equipment